What is TitanWare™?
Cookware so durable, it's guaranteed for 30 years! The ideal gourmet cookware choice for amateur and professional chefs

TitanWare™ is state-of-the-art induction cookware designed for the restaurant industry, now available to the general public.

Certified by the NSF for restaurant use, this cookware is ideal for home kitchen use. Please call 800-625-3777 for information to verify NSF certification.

All TitanWare™ cookware is made from one solid piece of aluminum, a great heat conductor; and the most popular material for professional restaurant cookware.
The cooking surface is completely covered with the nonstick surface.

We call it TitanWare™ because the key material in the nonstick surface is titanium.

Titanium is the lightest and toughest metal known to man, and the same metal used on spacecrafts, airplanes and golf clubs.
It is so safe for humans that it is the material used for the surgical replacement of knees and hips.

You can bake, braise, broil, sear, poach, brown or blacken in any of these pans.

With TitanWare™ you will never need to use fat, grease, oil, butter or sprays to cook.
It is ideally suited to health-related dietary needs as well as low-fat and fat-free cooking.

TitanWare™ cookware is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Each piece of cookware comes with a slip-on "cool handle".
These silicon rubber grips can slide right off so you can put the cookware into the oven.

The metal handles are all tri-riveted.
Nothing is screwed on or spot welded so they won't break off or come loose.
The rivets are also embedded with the non-stick titanium.

All of the lids are heavy duty stainless steel and have an adjustable steam vent built right in.
Each lid is recessed about a half inch, creating a reservoir for any liquid that may boil over and preventing messy spillovers.

TitanWare™ Induction CookWare - Tomorrow's Technology Today - Commercial Grade / Restaurant Quality

Even Distribution of Heat Allows Food to Cook Faster, Taste Better! Each Piece and Accessory is Guaranteed for 30 years!

30-Year Warranty

- Will not chip, peel, crack,
flake or blister
- Will not warp or bend
- Permanently attached handles

Oven Safe

- Handle w/ cool grips
- Designed for baking
- Heavy duty vented lids
- Reservoir lids

Healthy Cooking

- Ideal for low-fat cooking
- No need for fats, oil, butter,
grease, lard or spray
- Weight loss program friendly

Cleans Easily

- Nothing sticks
- Wipe out w/ paper towel
- No scrubbing or scouring
- Dishwasher safe

Induction Ready

- Can be used on every cooking surface including outside grill
- Heats completely evenly throughout
- Cleans easily